Other Publications by Scott Gracie

Scott’s passion for education and technology has inspired a range of books with topics about light, energy and colour. Scott believes no matter how old we are, our learning experiences can shape our futures and influence our lives in positive and unimaginable ways.

Non-Fiction Books:

about the book - book about light

Light, Dark, and the electromagnetic spectrum – Since the dawn of time, electromagnetic energy has permeated through the universe and emptiness of space, surrounding and interacting with everything it touches, illuminating, destroying, and giving life. The colourful section of the electromagnetic spectrum we see in the form of visible light, rainbows and other phenomena is tiny when compared to its vast entirety.

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Lighthouses – This book offers a photographic journey through the world of lighthouses. Towering sentinels of our waterways and oceans that have guided sailors through treacherous conditions for centuries.

    Children’s Non-Fiction Books:

      light is amazing! Children's-Book-About-Light-Electromagnetic-Spectrum

      Light is Amazing! – Light truly is amazing. This picture children’s book, in a plain yet informative way, introduces children to learning about light and the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a common connection between a lot of our technology used today. Colour, cooking, TV, radio, GPS, sunscreen, cameras and more all have light or the electromagnetic spectrum in common.

      Children book about colour

      Our Wonderful World of Colours – Did you know that light is the secret behind all the colours you see? Light may look white, but it’s actually made up of many different colours. These colours can be seen when light passes through something like a raindrop or a prism, splitting the light into a beautiful rainbow.

      Author Bio – Scott Gracie

      About the author – Scott’s passion for light and the electromagnetic spectrum began in his early teens while tinkering with electronics as a hobby. After finishing secondary schooling at Randwick North High School in Sydney Australia, Scott was formally introduced to the lighting industry while studying Electrical and Electronics. Then in 1998 he started his career making custom light fittings and lamps in his dad’s garage. Formal lighting-design qualifications expanded his opportunity to help project-manage and design on many industry levels.

      Over twenty years on, and Scott has worked on many infrastructure, commercial and architectural lighting projects. He is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia & New Zealand, the Colour Society of Australia, the International Dark Sky Association, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the Australian division of the International Commission on Illumination CIE.